Custom Card Decks

Written by Jill Morrison
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Custom card decks allow you to create your own prints for the back of cards in a deck. To order custom designs on card decks, you will usually be required to purchase a minimum amount of total printed card decks. Many printing companies will require that you to order at least 50 decks of cards to be printed for custom orders. For this reason, custom card decks are most often used as corporate gifts or as promotional giveaways since they can be given out to many people at one time.

Choices of Custom Card Decks

Custom card decks can be designed in any way that you desire. You can use one color or many colors in your design. You can also choose to use photographs or extremely detailed graphics for printing on cards. Many businesses will simply print their company names, logos, and colors on cards to use as promotional gifts. You can also choose from standard prints such as bridge card designs, presidential with gold borders, patriotic with flags or landmarks, marble, monogram, safari, sports, motivational, hotstamp, or party prints.

Monte Carlo printed card decks are appreciated by all sorts of people in business or casual atmospheres. They are great for playing classic games such as poker, solitaire, gin, blackjack, or hearts. You can also print onto custom Monte Carlo card sets. These sets come with two decks of cards, a pad of paper, a pencil, and an aluminum case for holding these materials. You may want to look for special deals with custom card printing that offer custom card cases as well.

Some custom card decks come equipped with playing card cases or boxes. Sometimes you will need to order these separately. Some companies will simply customize the card cases and will place standard decks instead of customized decks inside the cases. You can choose from many different cases to customize. They may be made from wood, plastic, or leather. Wood hinged boxes and luxurious leather card cases make special gifts for any occasion or for corporate promotion.

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