Custom Coffee Mugs

Written by James Lyons
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What do you want to put on your custom coffee mug? My sister gave me a custom coffee mug over the holidays that displays a picture of me with my niece. It's an embarrassing picture. My niece decided to dress me up as a ballerina which is a little confronting for someone like me. She insisted and I folded. Have you ever tried to say no to a four-year-old girl on a mission?

You know the saying, "Hell hath no fury like a four-year-old who wants to play dress up." I think that's how the saying goes. Anyway, this custom coffee mug was actually my favorite gift this year. I use it nearly every day and each time I use it I get to relive that memory.

Custom Coffee Mugs Stay Out of the Trash

Custom coffee mugs make great corporate gifts and great promotional giveaways during career fairs. Coffee mugs are relatively inexpensive and you can get great bulk discounts when you order custom coffee mugs baring your company logo. Buttons are also effective tools, but people are too eager and willing to throw them away. A coffee mug is rarely thrown away. It might be given away, but it won't be tossed.

That brings me to my next point. When examining your promotional products, think to yourself, "Would I keep this or would I throw it away?" Also ask yourself, "If I were a customer or an employee and found no use for this coffee mug, what would I do with it?" The idea is to have your promotional products circulating in the marketplace not sitting in some landfill in New Jersey (by the way, New Jersey is a beautiful state so that was not intended as a dig at New Jersey).

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