Custom Designed T-shirts

Written by James Lyons
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If you have a career fair coming up or plan on putting one together, you should make a point to order custom designed T-shirts. The people representing the company should be wearing custom company logo shirts. This communicates a number of different things to job seekers, most of them positive. You might have the occasional job seeker who thinks wearing company T-shirts is "lame" or "cheesy," but you don't want those people working with you.

I've visited a number of career fairs and I can tell you what many of these job seekers are thinking and feeling. Many of them are nervous and have no idea what they want to do. They have certain skills and education, but lack general direction. These can be great candidates if placed in the right company. Job seekers, in general, are looking for companies where they can feel comfortable and accepted.

Custom Shirts and Career Fairs

Good candidates also want money, benefits, and potential for advancement, but underneath that they want to feel like they could have a good time going to work every day. When job candidates see colleagues wearing custom designed T-shirts displaying their company's logo, that tells the job candidates that these people are proud of working where they work.

That might not be true, but that's what the candidate will most likely think. I always saw hiring managers and recruiters wearing company logo shirts at career fairs. They invariably attracted more candidates and generated more leads than other participating companies. They had other promotional giveaways, but the custom designed T-shirts set the tone.

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