Custom Imprinted Shot Glasses

Written by Jill Morrison
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Custom imprinted shot glasses can be purchased for your own kitchen or as gifts. They are most frequently used for serving alcohol, but many choose to display shot glasses on desks, shelves, or other areas as decorations. Shot glasses are typically given for festive events that focus on drinking to celebrate. Examples of occasions for custom shot glasses may include New Year's Eve, birthdays, annual parties, or giving congratulations for a special achievement.

Choosing Custom Imprinted Shot Glasses

Custom imprinted shot glasses can be designed to reflect certain interests or personality traits. You may also want to decide on specific colors that are meaningful when giving shot glasses as gifts. For instance, if you are giving a shot glass to a big sports fan, you can use the colors and logo of their favorite sports team. You may also want to simply use their favorite colors as well, if you know what they are.

Shot glasses can also be used as promotional gifts for a company. They are smaller than most other types of glassware, so they are also cheaper to purchase when you need to order large quantities of promotional glasses. Shot glasses are also very functional. They can be used to hold paper clips on a desk, or they can make great additions to kitchenware collections in any household.

Custom imprinted shot glasses can be imprinted with names, slogans, logos, graphics, jokes, or personal messages. Sometimes, pre-printed shot glasses can be chosen and can then be imprinted with an additional message. In this case, the imprinted message is usually printed on the bottom of the shot glass. You can also choose from clear or colored shot glasses and you can imprint your message directly onto the outside of your shot glass choice.

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