Custom Lanyards

Written by Linda Alexander
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Custom imprinted lanyards are everywhere at conferences, trade shows, seminars, and other events. They are imprinted with company names, logos, URLs, or slogans. They can be imprinted in several different methods, such as silkscreened, woven, hot stamped or by dye sublimation. They are great for trade show giveaways or promotions, and for getting your company's name out to prospects.

Dye sublimation produces the highest quality imprint on lanyards, with silkscreening being a close second. Silkscreen lanyards generally have a faster turnaround time. Hot stamping offers an alternative method for those on tight budgets, but the quality is not as good as with other methods and the dye will not last as long.

A Necessary Item at Conventions and Trade Shows

Where would conference attendees be without custom lanyards? Instead of pinning badges and putting holes in their good clothes, lanyards hold badges conveniently. They allow people to see each other's names easily, provide easy access for security personnel to check people in at the door, and sometimes offer storage space for business cards, lip balm, money, and other small objects.

Lanyards are useful for advertising at trade shows and conferences, but not everyone keeps them after the show. Finding other uses will make them more versatile, giving people a reason to reuse them. I used to keep my lanyards after each trade show I attended, displaying them on my bulletin board at my office.

Each time I looked at my collection, I reminded myself of all my travels. More importantly, I was reminded of all the companies that sponsored the lanyards. Sometimes people keep the custom lanyards and use them at other shows, so they become walking billboards for the companies represented on the lanyards.

Subtle, Repeat Advertising

The ubiquitous lanyard might seem like low-key advertising at first, but if you choose the right lanyard, you will get a lot of mileage out of your promotion. For example, people tend to keep higher quality lanyards made of unique materials such as metal, leather, or nylon. People who regularly use ID badges at work can keep them handy by attaching them to the lanyard when they get back to the office.

Lanyards that have multiple functions are also more likely to be kept and used long after the trade show is over. Different attachments give them more use. One type of lanyard, for example, converts into a sunglasses strap that attendees can use after the show is over. Another type is a badge wallet, a pouch that holds small objects. People tend to keep these and use them at the next convention they attend, because they are so convenient.

Types and Styles of Lanyards

You can find lanyards in all sorts of styles, colors, and fabrics. Different types of clips are available for the badge holders and other attachments are also available. For example, you can get a steel ring for keys, a bulldog clip for badges, or a swivel hook to hold ID cards.

Custom lanyards are not just for trade shows. You can use them at business meetings and conferences, or to hold security name badges. They are also useful at concerts where only authorized personnel may enter certain areas. Lanyards with clasps at the end of them are great for holding keys. They are used at manufacturing facilities, in schools and hospitals, and at churches. As you brainstorm your company's needs, you may find many uses for custom imprinted lanyards.

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