Custom Magnets

Written by Jill Morrison
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Custom magnets are a great advertising tool because they are likely to be seen on a daily basis. Magnets can be used on refrigerators, file cabinets, or any magnetic surface where you wish to post pictures or documents. Magnets have always been a popular gift item and are very useful in a variety of home and business situations.

Custom Magnet Options

Many businesses prefer to customize magnetic clips that can hang documents. These magnets are often very strong, so they can hold heavy documents or numerous pages at one time. Magnetic clips have heavy duty spring loaded hinges and rubber grips. Magnets are fixed onto the back of each clip. These clips can also seal open bags, whether they are used for sealing business product packages or at home for sealing bags of food.

Another option for custom promotional magnets is letter opener magnets. These magnets can be used to hold documents to a magnetic surface if necessary. However, their primary function is to give people quick and easy access to a letter opener. Your letter opener will never be misplaced when it can be placed in the same magnetic spot after each use. Because letters are often opened in business and in homes, custom letter opener magnets can provide great advertising for businesses that are printed on them.

Custom magnets can be purchased in many different shapes and sizes. You can also customize magnets and the print on magnets with nearly any color in the spectrum. The most popular magnet colors include black, white, gray, red, yellow, blue, and green. Custom magnets will most often have company names or logos printed on them as a form of advertising. However, they can be personalized with personal messages, photographs, or names as well.

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