Custom Packaging Tins

Written by Jill Morrison
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Those searching for special or unique containers will want to investigate custom packaging tins. They offer a dramatic presentation as well as sturdy protection for many types of products. They are recyclable and biodegradable. Most importantly, they offer a high degree of personalization options to insure the success of any product.

Advantages of Custom Packaging Tins

Custom tins can be designed to fit individual needs. A variety of shapes and sizes are available. Designs may be created to enhance brand identity. Experts will guide you through the selection process. Existing artwork may be used or designers will create new images. The latest technology is utilized to make sure that designs are successful and exciting. Mock-up samples and digital printouts are supplied to assure customer satisfaction.

Custom packaging tins are available in different sizes to fit any requirement. Some of the shapes available are square, round, oval, rectangle, or octagon. Available closures include slip cover and tear strip. Color choices are also plentiful. Minimum order quantities for custom tins are somewhat higher than stock containers and delivery time will be slightly longer. However, the benefits of a highly personalized, unique container cannot be measured.

Most people get pleasure from the feel and look of custom packaging tins. They are impressive and imply quality which should increase sales. The containers are usually reused, which increases the advertising impact. Often, these tins become collector's items. No other type of packaging provides this level of impact.

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