Custom Printed Mouse Pads

Written by Jill Morrison
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Custom printed mouse pads can be used for personal computers, as holiday gifts for friends or family, or as promotional tools in business. Many companies take advantage of how often mouse pads are used in business by printing their company logos and website addresses onto mouse pads. These companies can then give their customized mouse pads out as promotional gifts. Each time a promotional mouse pad is used at a computer, the company that is featured receives advertising.

Different Types of Custom Printed Mouse Pads

You can custom print mouse pads of different sizes, thicknesses, and materials. You can also chose from different types of printing for custom mouse pads, such as four color printing, sublimation printing, and lenticular lens printing. If you are interested in saving money with bulk orders of mouse pads, you may consider purchasing THINS. THINS are very thin and lightweight when compared to standard mouse pads. They are durable with a scratch-resistant hard top and have non-skid rubber backing. Best of all, because THINS are very lightweight, so they can be mailed inexpensively as well.

Custom printed mouse pads are available in standard square shapes or in many other specific shapes. For instance, you can find mouse pads shaped as houses, apples, rectangles, or circles. You can also create a custom die cut for mouse pads when ordering from certain companies. Many different choices of materials can be used for mouse pads, including cloth, gel mouse, lycra, rubber, water fillings, sponge, plastic, and carpet.

If you are interested in purchasing unique types of mouse pads, you may want to choose carpet fabric mouse pads, or liquid motion mouse pads. Carpet mouse pads have soft and resilient polyester surfaces that also provide great mouse traction. They also have tough, natural rubber for backing that prevents skidding. Liquid motion mouse pads are filled with water and feature floaters that drift through the water. The liquid can be clear or colored and up to five floaters with glitter can be used for each mouse pad.

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