Custom Printed Plastic Bags

Written by Michael Federico
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Most people have returned from a day of shopping with several bags in hand. When friends or family see the bags, they comment on the various stores that have clearly made a bit of a profit for the day. The simple recognition of the store will often spark the desire to go shopping in the mind of the person who is commenting. The store has made a possible sale simply by putting their name or logo on a bag.

The amount of money that well-designed, custom plastic bags bring in to retailers cannot fully be determined. However, in highly trafficked shopping areas like Chicago's Magnificent Mile or Fifth Avenue in New York, printed bags can be extremely effective. Thousands of tourists flock to these areas each week, and they are not often familiar with all of the shops they can visit. If they see someone carrying a bag with an interesting store name or logo, or if the bag itself is interesting, there is a good chance they will check the store out.

Types of Custom Printed Bags

Most people never really think about the number of different types of bags that are available. However, a company that wishes to design a customized bag can choose from tinted, frosted, snap handle, loop handle, draw tape, clip, draw string, and t-shirt bags just to mention a few. Choosing a bag design that is right for a particular store or company can be a crucial marketing step.

The design process has become much easier in recent years. A person with a good eye and an understanding of his business can design his own bag online. He can choose colors and styles. He can choose the font that the company name will be written in, and he can choose from generic images or submit a personalized logo.

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