Custom Printed Products

Written by Jill Morrison
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Custom printed products can be used for business or personal purposes. They are most commonly given as gifts to friends, family, employees, clients, or potential customers. In business, products are typically printed with company names and logos. In personal cases, custom printed products may have personal names, photographs, or pictures printed on them. Customized items make great gifts for any type of occasion.

Choosing Custom Printed Products

You can decide on custom printed products, depending on who will be receiving them. If you are giving them as personal gifts, you can purchase items that would be appreciated by certain recipients. For example, if the recipient enjoys drinking coffee every morning, you could customize a coffee mug for this person. Custom notepads and backpacks are also useful items that can be imprinted for personal gifts. You can imprint them with the names or initials of recipients, with custom designs, or with personal messages.

Custom printed products are most effective as promotional gifts in business. Most companies will try to choose products that can be used on a daily basis in business. Then, their company name will be seen each time the products are used. Popular examples of promotional gifts include pens, paper cubes, calendars, mouse pads, and magnets that are customized with company logos. Clothing items such as t shirts, jackets, caps, and bags also make great promotional gifts.

Promotional products can also be customized to reflect a particular type of business. For example, you can create mouse pads, paper cubes, or letter openers into the shapes of houses to use as promotional realtor gifts. Another example is using pill shaped products for those involved in medicine. Other shape possibilities for customized products include hearts, flowers, animals, stars, and sports equipment.

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