Custom Printed Shopping Bags

Written by Michael Federico
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Most printing services charge anywhere from $.04 to $.20 per bag for customizing. This service will include color selection, name and logo imprinting, and even the addition of images or designs. For companies that order large numbers of bags on a regular basis, the customizing costs can add up. However, a well-designed shopping bag can easily pay for itself by attracting new business to a store.

It is easy to underestimate the power of brand recognition. People see so many company names and logos on a regular basis that things tend to blend together. However, in a controlled environment like a shopping center or mall, brand recognition can lead directly to sales. If a person is sitting in the food court and he sees a shopping bag propped up on the table across from him, he is going to see where it is from. He is then going to think about that store, and there is a good chance that when he has finished eating he is going to visit that store.

Handles for Custom Printed Shopping Bags

Handles can actually play a large part in a bag's ability to market a store. A person should be able to hold the bag comfortably. Also, when the person is holding the bag, the name of the store should be visible.

Bags can be found with die-cut handles, fold over handles, loop handles, draw strings, and draw tape. The type of handle will often affect the cost of a bag. There are also bags designed specifically for high-end retailers that will have a specific type of handle like the Euro handle.

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