Custom Thermal Mugs

Written by Jill Morrison
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Custom thermal mugs can be purchased individually or in bulk amounts. Thermal mugs are desirable by many because they keep hot beverages hot for at least an hour and cold beverages cold for at least two hours. They have dual wall insulation so that you cannot feel the temperature of the beverage or any condensation while holding the mugs.

Choosing Custom Thermal Mugs

Custom thermal mugs can be printed with messages, logos, slogans, and graphics in a variety of colors. It is often best to choose colors that completely contrast with the color of the mug exterior. So, if your choice in thermal mug exteriors is a light yellow, you may want to choose a dark red or black for text or graphic printing on the mug.

Thermal mugs are available in colors such as red, yellow, white, black, blue, burgundy, teal, forest green, granite, and pearl. Some thermal mugs have exterior walls made from stainless steel or copper as well. You can order 16 oz. or 22 oz. sizes of thermal mugs for custom orders and all mugs are packaged with matching plastic lids.

Custom thermal mugs are most often used by hard-working individuals who are always on the go. They are considered to be travel mugs because they can fit in most car cup holders and they have lids that completely cover each thermal mug. Thermal mugs can also be customized with company logos and can be given out as promotional items for corporate events.

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