Custom Tins

Written by Jill Morrison
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There are a wide variety of packaging options available for any type of product. One option to consider is custom tins. They offer numerous benefits including long-lasting strength, variety of shapes and sizes, and visual appeal that creates brand recognition. This type of packaging is decorative and often used for other purposes once the original product is gone.

Choosing Custom Tins

Tin packaging is sturdy and available with welded seams, vacuum or airtight packing, and numerous types of closures. It is environmentally friendly and recyclable. In fact, tins are rarely thrown away. They are often used over and over again for various purposes. Existing artwork may be used to create a memorable tin or new designs may be developed.

The visual impact of custom tins is usually dramatic. Because most people choose to reuse tins, brand names on the packaging become more and more recognized, thereby increasing sales. Often, the tins become collector's items and are used as decorations. Professional help with designs for tins is available. Most manufacturers provide digital printouts and mock-up tins to assure satisfaction.

Custom tins are available in various sizes and shapes such as round, square, oval, rectangle, or octagon. Some of the closures available are slip cover, nozzle, plug, and tear strip. Tin packaging suggests quality to most customers. It is a strong, decorative option which works well for a wide variety of products.

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