Decorative Tins

Written by Jill Morrison
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Tin containers date back to early America and are still very popular today. They are a perfect choice for sturdy, high quality packaging. Decorative tins are often a sentimental reminder of a special product, event or occasion. Choices are only limited by your imagination.

Examples of Decorative Tins

Some of the earliest decorating was done on tin lunchboxes. Characters such as Mickey Mouse, Barbie, Superman, Ronald McDonald, and Strawberry Shortcake were put on the boxes which became collector's items. In 1970, a stars and stripes dome design was very popular. Today, many of America's favorite products, such as tea, coffee, mints, and candies are associated with tin containers.

Designs today are often dramatic and eye-catching. Experts are available to make suggestions for using the latest technology. Decorative tins add to the value of the packaged product. Decorations include embossing, de-bossing, and screen printing. The containers are usually recycled and displayed in homes and other public places.

Decorative tins are also perfect favor containers for special events such as conventions, weddings, and reunions. Lids are often embossed with the bride and groom names for weddings or a corporation name for conventions. The embossing may be with or without color. This decoration serves as a long-lasting reminder of a special event. Today, the hottest decorating trend is mesh tins which allow a glimpse of the contents through the packaging. Mints, candies, candles, and other favors look sophisticated and modern in this type of packaging.

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