Embossed Tins

Written by Jill Morrison
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Tin packaging is intriguing to many. It offers the perception of high quality for whatever product it contains. To make the package especially stunning, embossing may be used. This is a process of stamping an image on a material so the image rises above the surface of the object. In the case of embossed tins, the surface will have raised areas rather than being completely smooth.

Uses for Embossed Tins

Anyone trying to sell a product will benefit from embossed tins. In addition to being sturdy and strong, the packaging is unique and memorable. The embossing technique is often used for products such as mints, candies, and cakes. Embossing can be done without added color or with color. Each additional color adds to the cost of the embossing.

For special occasions such as trade shows or conventions, many corporations hand out embossed tins filled with mints or candies. The tins are embossed with the company name or logo. Since these containers will probably be recycled for other uses, the advertising benefits are enormous. For weddings, many couples choose to give tins of mints which are embossed with the couple's names or the wedding date.

Any tin container may be embossed regardless of shape or size. Many services have experts available to explain the advantages of embossing versus screen printing. New designs may be created or existing artwork may be used. The process of embossing implies luxury on any packaging.

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