Entry Forms

Written by Linda Alexander
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Entry forms for sweepstakes, contests, and games are excellent sources of marketing data. You could build an entire database of information gained from your entry forms alone. So when designing a form, plan ahead on what types of information you want to collect.

Think of this as another marketing research project. Before you print the forms, you'll need to make a list of the data you want to collect and how you will use it. Remember to include any information that is necessary to your contest, such as name and address information, so you can notify the winner.

What to Include When You Design Entry Forms

Would you also like to know how they found your website, or how they heard about the sweepstakes? Would you like to ask some questions about how they feel about your particular product? You might write your entry forms into your rules in these cases--making eligibility dependent on answering all questions. That way, you are sure to collect the answers, and you might learn some surprising things about your customers!

If you are new to running a contest, you might want to check with your lawyer about the tricky legalities you could run into. If children can enter the contest, for example, there might be special laws regarding this. Or, you may need to be aware of the kinds of information you are allowed to collect from minors.

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