Event Marketing

Written by Linda Alexander
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Event marketing, no longer a guerrilla marketing tactic, has gone mainstream. These days, events are a large part of the marketing mix for some companies. They are starting to use events for marketing as they would use any traditional media for advertising.

Event marketing provides a hands-on, tangible experience for consumers. It brings products directly to users, reaching a smaller audience with a more personal touch. Allowing consumers to try products out at trade shows, sporting events, and concerts is a way to break through the cluttered landscape of brands today.

Event Marketing Has a High ROI

By bringing products directly to consumers at events, you are increasing your chance of sales. In a store, you might sell some products incidentally to people looking for something else. But at an event, where consumers can touch and try products, maybe even sample them, they are much more likely to buy. Why? Because experience marketing holds the key to today's audiences.

Event marketing is based on the idea that experiences are a shortcut to the consumer's memory. Making your product demo interactive involves prospects, making it much more likely that they will remember your brand. And you can't buy better marketing than that.

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