Flash Cards

Written by Linda Alexander
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"Flash" cards use internet flash technology in an innovative way to communicate with current and potential customers. It's a step above email in which readers are entertained, by receiving an email card, and encouraged to visit your site online. You can use flash cards to drive traffic to a new website, to enter contests or other online promotions, and to make announcements about news at your company.

Flash cards complement any viral marketing program by allowing others to forward them to friends and family. You can reward your customers for referring people through the flash cards. You can also include a discount or coupon in your cards.

Flash Cards: Upgraded E-Greetings

Like any e-card, they may also contain greetings or announcements. Use them to notify employees of upcoming meetings, or to communicate a new corporate message to the whole company. They are also a fun way to just say hello when used like a regular e-card.

For other ideas on how to use the cards, talk to your ad agency. They will be able to help you brainstorm ways to include them in your campaigns. Whether you are launching a new product, a sweepstakes, or a viral marketing campaign, the cards are a creative and innovative way to grab attention online.

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