Foam Inserts

Written by Jill Morrison
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Foam inserts can be placed in a variety of packages to offer additional protection for products. Some products may be sensitive, breakable, or easily scratched. When you place these products in standard boxes, they may get damaged or broken from sliding around, bumps, or drops. Using a foam insert in each of your boxes can help to protect your products from unstable situations.

Uses for Foam Inserts

Foam inserts are primarily used for protection of products, but they can also be used for other reasons. They may be used to offer organization of small parts within a package. For instance, if a package has many small pieces that need to be placed together, a foam insert can separate these pieces and can lay them out in the proper order for building.

A foam insert may be necessary for any product that will be transported. Even if the product is somewhat durable, many problems can occur with transportation or mailing. A package may be dropped, pushed, crunched, shaken, or thrown in transport. You will ensure the safety of your product if you use a foam insert inside the product package.

Foam inserts must be paired with durable packaging. If you are using a flimsy material for a box, a foam insert will not be very effective. The inserts work best when placed inside hard cases made from plastic or metal. The outside of the case will protect a product from force and the foam insert will protect a product from shifting or sliding when force has been applied to the package.

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