Full Color Printed Bags

Written by Michael Federico
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A full color printed bag can do a lot to attract the attention of shoppers. While clear bags are generally cheaper than colored bags, they often disappear amidst the sea of materials that shoppers tend to carry in their hands. Also, clear bags do very little to help a store's name and logo stand out. A person can see a bag and have absolutely no idea what store it is from.

Color catches the eye. It is a simple marketing trick, but it usually works. It is employed in billboard ads, bumper stickers, and even in television commercials. Bags are not much different. A full color bag in the hand of a shopper will usually draw the attention of other shoppers. This is one of the best ways retailers have to get first-time visitors into their stores. The same technique can be used by companies at trade shows to attract people to their booths.

What Colors are Available for Bags?

Some printers offer only the most basic color options. They will have standard white, blue, and red bags. However, there are some services that offer slight variations on the basics along with other colors such as orange, yellow, green, pink, and gray.

The color that is chosen for the base of a bag will usually influence the color of names and logos that are printed on the bag. Some printers offer the same colors for designs as they do for the bags, themselves. Other companies will have more colors available for text and image printing.

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