Gift Shop Items

Written by Jill Morrison
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Gift shops are generally designed to promote hotels, museums, historical sites, theme parks, or other attractions. Shops are often located at these places to generate additional sales and to increase advertising possibilities for business. Custom or promotional products are typically sold as gift shop items. When the names of businesses or attractions are printed on gift shop items and sold, effective advertising is achieved each time the products are used.

Possibilities of Items to Sell in Gift Shops

Though many different types of items may be sold successfully in gift shops, there are a few items that will almost always sell well. For instance, coffee mugs, apparel, magnets, and pens tend to be excellent sellers in any type of gift shop. Some other popular items include tote bags, license plates, shot glasses, and coasters. Most of thee items are fairly inexpensive for customers to purchase, so they sell well from day to day.

Apparel and tote bags tend to be a little more expensive than the other gift shop items, but customers see these products as useful because they can be worn often and can be used to hold belongings when needed. Some other products that may be considered as useful include coffee mugs, coasters, and magnets. Coffee mugs can be used daily for drinking coffee or other beverages and coasters can be used daily to protect tables from beverage condensation. Magnets are popular because they are often used to hold pictures or important papers on refrigerators. Most customers will choose to purchase gift shop items that are useful in addition to being fun or attractive.

Regardless of the types of items you choose for gift shops, you should consider using promotional imprinting. Promotional imprinting allows you to print custom messages, pictures, or company names on all sorts of products. Then, each time you sell these promotional products, the name of your business or attraction will be advertised. Promotional printing on products is especially effective when you use products that can be used or seen on a daily basis, such as pens, pencils, and coffee mugs.

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