Hinged Tins

Written by Jill Morrison
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Perfect packaging can dramatically affect the success of a product. The goal is to create the perception of high quality for a reasonable price. Tin containers are a great solution. They are user-friendly, biodegradable and recyclable. In particular, hinged tins are basic, functional, and give good value for their cost.

Finding Hinged Tins

Tin containers are widely available in assorted shapes and sizes. Look on websites or in specialty stores to view options and to determine the perfect packaging for any product. Some available shapes are square, round, oval, rectangle, or octagon. Choices for closures are vacuum, nozzle, slip cover, and tear strip. Hinges are another classic choice. The first tin boxes in this country used hinges for a very practical means of reliable opening and closing.

Lunchboxes are an example of hinged tins. The classic shapes for lunch boxes are flat and domed. These designs are available today for a wide variety of uses. They make perfect containers for supplies of all kinds including tool boxes, tackle boxes, and first aid kits. The hinges are reliable and easy to operate. They add a sense of nostalgia and comfort to a metal container.

Other popular hinged tins are the classic small mint tins such as those used by Altoids. The top is a slip cover but stays attached to the box by use of hinges. The boxes may be flat or domed. They are often recycled as catch-alls or boxes for collections of small items.

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