How To Make Lanyards

Written by Linda Alexander
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If you're a newcomer to lanyard construction, here are some things to consider. First, you need to choose the type of fabric your lanyards will be made of. Next, you choose the printing method for your message or logo to be imprinted on the fabric. Finally, you will choose the hardware. Here, you have literally hundreds of choices of attachments.

How to Order Lanyards

Lanyards come in different fabrics, such as shoelace-type cord, nylon, cotton, and polyester twill. The polyester is the least costly, though all of the fabrics are durable. Lanyards come in standard lengths of 36 inches and custom lengths are available. The ends are crimped together, making the finished piece 17.5 inches long. Usually, a bead is attached so you can adjust the length of your lanyard once you put it on.

Hot stamping is the most economical way to print on lanyards, but the color choices are limited. With screen printing, you have more control over the design details. It produces a high-resolution print that's durable. Dye sublimation produces the highest quality images, which are integrated into the fabric of the lanyards. The result is a permanent image that is resistant to fading and rubbing off.

Finally, you will need to choose hardware attachments to make lanyards. Depending on the use of the lanyards, you have many choices. You could use any number of clips to hold badges, or split rings to hold keys. Snap hooks and retractable badge reels are also available. Speak to your promotional products company to learn more about the many types of hardware fittings that you can choose to put on your lanyards.

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