Imprinted Bags

Written by Jill Morrison
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Imprinted bags are most often used for business reasons. However, they can also be imprinted with personal information and used as gifts. In business, imprinted bags may package products or may be used to hold merchandise that has been sold. Personalized bags are usually backpacks or handbags that have been printed with names or personal messages.

Personal and Corporate Imprinted Bags

Bags that are imprinted with personal information can be given for a variety of holidays or special occasions. Many people will choose to print the names of the recipients on their bags. Some prefer to simply print their initials or first initials on bags. You can also choose printing or bag colors that are preferred by each bag recipient. Backpacks are often printed for younger recipients, handbags are typically printed for women, and travel luggage is often printed for men.

There are a few different types of imprinted bags that can be used in business. If you are looking for employee or client gifts to show gratitude, you can purchase bags made from sturdy materials such as leather, vinyl, polyester, suede, canvas, or burlap. Nylon is also an excellent material choice because it is durable and also inexpensive. Imprinted corporate bags can also be given out to potential customers as promotional gifts.

When bags are used for holding sold merchandise, they are often mass produced from inexpensive materials. Paper or plastic are typically the two material choices for imprinted shopping bags. Corporate logos and names are often printed on the sides of these bags in one or a few colors. Imprinted shopping bags are a worthwhile investment because they provide a good amount of advertising for any business.

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