Imprinted Beer Mugs

Written by Jill Morrison
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Imprinted beer mugs can be purchased for personal use, as display items, as promotional gifts, for use in restaurants or pubs, or as personal gifts. Beer mugs can be screen printed with names, initials, messages, slogans, jokes, or other text formations. They may also be printed with pictures, logos, symbols, cartoon characters, or other types of graphics.

Uses for Imprinted Beer Mugs

Imprinted beer mugs are a common item for restaurants and pubs. They can be used to serve beer to customers and also as display items around the bar. Sometimes breweries will have special beer clubs for regular customers. For a small fee, customers in the beer club can have a beer mug imprinted with their name. Customers can then take the mug home, or keep it at the brewery and use it during each visit.

Custom printed beer mugs are commonly used as promotional tools in business. They can be given to prospective clients at corporate events such as tradeshows. They can also be given to employees at corporate parties or to valuable customers to show gratitude. Corporate beer mugs are most often used as display items on desks or office shelves.

Imprinted beer mugs can be a creative addition to any kitchenware collection or home bar. You can have mugs printed with the names of each family member, or have a set of mugs printed with the family last name. You can also have cartoon recreations of family members screened onto mugs for a more personal and creative touch to your collection.

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