Imprinted Calculators

Written by Jill Morrison
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Imprinted calculators are common desk accessories in business. They may be imprinted with any sort of information but are typically printed with company names and logos. Every time these calculators are used, company logos are seen and effective advertising has been achieved. For this reason, imprinted calculators make great corporate and promotional gifts.

Types of Imprinted Calculators

There are a few main types of calculators that can be used for imprinting. First, calculators may be solar powered, battery powered, or a combination of solar and battery powered. Some calculators are sold as is, while others come equipped with a cover for protection. Another way to protect the screens and keys of calculators is to purchase models that flip open or have a cover that flips up when the calculator is used.

Calculators may be imprinted with company logos in different areas. Some people choose to imprint the calculators directly. In this case, it is typically wise to print on the face rather than on the back of calculators so that you can be sure that company logos will be seen. When imprinting calculators with flip covers, most will print company logos on the outside of the cover. You may also choose to print separate vinyl covers that encase calculators.

There are a few different sizes of calculators to choose from. For marketing purposes, most will choose compact-size calculators. They are designed to fit in a pocket for travel or to store in small desk compartments. Some also come with deluxe vinyl covers that have slots for holding business cards. Folding calculators are also a good choice because they are they are generally compact and have built in protection for traveling.

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