Imprinted Corporate Gifts

Written by Jill Morrison
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Imprinted corporate gifts can be useful for a variety of business situations. In most cases, companies will purchase imprinted products to use as promotional gifts. These products are typically printed with company names and logos. They may incorporate company colors and slogans on them as well. Imprinted products can also be used as thank you gifts for employees or valuable customers in business.

Choosing Imprinted Corporate Gifts

Companies must choose imprinted corporate gifts according to their purpose for the gifts. For instance, promotional gifts are often different from employee or customer gifts. Employee gifts usually represent something that has to do with the company or working hard. One of the best gift ideas for hard-working employees is imprinting stress balls with the company name. Employees will chuckle while they squeeze away their office stress with these items.

For promotional gifts, smaller and less expensive products should be considered so you can purchase them in bulk amounts. Some options of items include pens, pencils, notepads, card decks, and magnets. All of these products can be imprinted with company information as a way to promote particular companies. Tradeshows and other business events are great locations for giving out imprinted corporate gifts.

When thanking valuable clients or customers, higher quality gifts are more appropriate. Instead of giving imprinted magnets or notepads, you may want to give items such as imprinted glassware, calculators, clocks, clothing, or tote bags. Your recipients will appreciate the effort you put into purchasing such impressive gifts. Customers and clients will also be reminded of your company each time they use or look at your gift.

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