Imprinted Glassware

Written by Jill Morrison
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Imprinted glassware is often used as gifts for special occasions. Glassware can be imprinted with a variety of messages or graphics, depending on the occasion. Many people will imprint glasses with names or dates of special occasions. For instance, a glass might be imprinted with the words, "Valentine's Day," and a specific year may be imprinted on the glass as well.

Imprinted glassware often includes names and personal messages. Simple "to" and "from" indicators are common. Some choose to simply imprint standard phrases such as "I Love You," "Merry Christmas," or "Happy Birthday." You can also choose to write a personalized message on any type of glassware.

Types of Imprinted Glassware

There are many different types of glasses that can be imprinted. You can choose from large or small, thick or thin, clear or colored, and glasses that are standard or have a handle. Glasses are typically imprinted on the side of the glass, the handle, or on the bottom. White imprinting on a clear glass is the most common choice for imprinted glassware.

There are many different styles of glasses available for imprinting. Beer mugs, pilsner glasses, and football glasses are good for sports fans and avid beer drinkers. Wine glasses and champagne glasses are great for special or romantic occasions. Other glassware choices include rocks, tumbler, mixing, old fashion, shot, iced tea, hurricane, margarita, martini, highball, and frosted glasses.

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