Imprinted Letter Openers

Written by Jill Morrison
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Imprinted letter openers make great gifts and promotional products. They are used often in businesses and homes alike. Whether you are opening personal letters, business letters, packages, or bills, letter openers will make the process much easier. Different types of letter openers are available for different situations. For instance, some letter openers are more appropriate for business while others are more useful in homes.

Types of Imprinted Letter Openers

Standard letter openers are shaped like knives, with stainless steel blades and thin wooden handles. The handles can be printed with company names or logos, personal names, or messages. Some will choose to have text engraved on the blades of letter openers instead of the handles. Standard imprinted letter openers are excellent desk accessories for most types of businesses.

Most imprinted letter openers have a much more lightweight style than the standard letter openers. They are often made from plastic and have small stainless steel blades. In addition to envelopes, these openers can be used to safely cut coupons, package tape, string, or wrapping paper. They are so lightweight that they can be sent through the mail inexpensively as promotional gifts.

Letter openers are now available in different shapes. You can choose from shapes such as houses, hearts, computers, rulers, phones, trucks, light bulbs, and even hearts. Some shapes are appropriate for certain situations. For instance, heart shaped letter openers make great personal gifts to show love, while computer shaped openers can be used in the technology business or to place on computer desks. Some shapes can be used to promote different types of businesses. For instance, house shaped openers can be imprinted with real estate information.

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