Imprinted Lip Balm

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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An imprinted lip balm makes for the perfect little promotional item. Imprinted lip balms are inexpensive, handy, and are something customers and clients really genuinely want. Rather than a poorly made visor or a cheap plastic geegaw, why not give your employees, customers or clients something they can really use--custom lip balm?

The Different Types of Imprinted Lip Balms

The sheer number of different lip balm types and styles available for imprinting is astounding. You can find imprinted lip balms in tubs, tubes, on ropes, in jars, in pop-up metal tins, or in clear plastic tubs. You can buy lip balms with or without SPF, with or without glitter, or with our without mint, cherry, or strawberry flavoring. Print your logo on the top of the tin or the side of the tube with one, two, or even three different colors.

A good promotional company web site should help you make the right choice for you. Rather than visiting a site that specializes in balms to use for your promotional, look for a promotional company and choose one of their balms. These companies are much better equipped to handle your logo, to print it, to price it fairly, and to do rush jobs, if needed. Imprinting logos on everything under the sun is their first-order of business. For lip balm companies, promotionals are not the first-order of business. They're an after thought.

Look for fair, simple pricing. Look for quick turnaround times. Look for a company that is eager to work with you, one on one, on your design and packaging.

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