Imprinted Logo Items

Written by Jill Morrison
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Imprinted logo items are commonly given out as promotional gifts in business. They can also be given to valuable employees or customers as thank you gifts or holiday gifts. In business, these products are typically imprinted with company names in addition to logos. They may also include company colors, slogans, pictures, or contact information, depending on company preferences. Imprinted logo items are known to be great promotional tools for any type of business.

Options of Imprinted Logo Items

There are many different types of products that can be imprinted with company logos. When giving out mass quantities of products, you will want to choose small and inexpensive items that you can order in bulk amounts. Some options include pens, pencils, magnets, mini letter openers, and card decks. It can also be fairly inexpensive to imprint or embroider clothing items, such as shirts and caps, with company logos. These types of products are commonly given out at tradeshows or other business functions.

When choosing products to imprint, it is usually a good idea to choose items that can be used on a daily basis, or at least regularly. Calendars or day planners are great promotional gifts because you know they are likely to be used on a daily basis. Therefore, each time they are used, company logos will be seen and companies will be effectively promoted. Items such as imprinted pens and notepads are also great options because they are very useful for any type of business.

Imprinted logo items can also be used as corporate gifts. Many companies will purchase them as gifts for employees during the holidays. Customized stress balls and mouse pads are currently popular employee gifts. Stress balls are comical gifts and they allow employees to squeeze their office stress away. Mouse pads are appreciated because they are needed on a daily basis on any desk with a computer. Mouse pads also make good promotional gifts and client gifts.

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