Imprinted Merchandise

Written by James Lyons
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What makes a suitable business promotional product? The answer is simple: anything you can imprint your company logo on is a suitable promotional item. These days, everything falls within the realm of "imprinted merchandise." Soon we'll be able to imprint people with company logos and corporate mission statements. Perhaps tattoo parlors will add company logos to their books of tattoo options.

The options are almost endless. Aprons, ashtrays, bags, balloons, balls, chairs, cutting boards, gift cards, envelopes, napkins, t-shirts, golf balls, umbrellas, markers, luggage, pajamas, ornaments--you name it, a company can imprint your logo on it. Every year, businesses spend billions of dollars on imprinted merchandise to try and attract new customers, keep old ones, enhance relationships with existing clients, and build relationships with new ones.

The Value of Promotion

You want your company's name on the heads, chests, desks, tables, and desks of potential customers. These customers will help generate new customers. Then those customers will help generate new customers. This is why spending on promotional materials has more than tripled in the last 15 years. Companies are able to track and measure results and business promotional products yield great results.

Promotional items have yielded results in different areas. In the workplace, imprinted merchandise has helped reduce turnover and build teamwork. Promotional items have played a role in boosting customer loyalty. Promotional items have helped salesmen bring in new business and create more business with existing clients. The value of promotion is undeniable.

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