Imprinted Pens

Written by Jill Morrison
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Pens can be imprinted with names, company logos, messages, or graphics. Imprinted pens are most often used for promotional reasons. They can also be used for personal or corporate gifts. In business, promotional pens can be used to increase company awareness, promote events, improve traffic at trade shows, and to motivate staff. Corporate pens can also be used to recognize sales achievements, and to thank valuable customers or employees.

Imprinted pens are available in different styles and can be made from a variety of materials. Material options include plastic, brass, chrome, and gold. Some pens may be translucent, frosted, or may have a lacquer finish. They are usually stiff and sturdy, but some pens may bend or may have soft grips attached to them. Rubber grips are a popular option because they comfortably prevent fingers from slipping while writing with pens. Standard pens, mechanical pens, and twist action pens are design options for custom imprinted pens.

BIC Pens for Custom Imprinting

BIC is the best known company for high quality pens. BIC Graphic USA was developed in 1969 and has continually provided an extensive collection of writing supplies and similar products. In addition to pens, BIC makes pencils, highlighters, markers, lighters, flashlights, sticky notes, mouse pads, and magnets. BIC products are commonly used in business situations, but can also be used casually and in homes. Nearly all BIC products can be imprinted with personal or corporate information.

BIC provides numerous styles of pens to fit any preference. For larger hands, BIC WideBody pens are a great option. BIC also makes slim pens for smaller hands and for children. Some BIC pens are designed for certain professions, including the Citation pens, and the Media Clic pens. If you are interested in purchasing multi-function pens, BIC also makes four color pens, two-sider pens, and three in one pen, pencil, and stylus writing instruments.

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