Imprinted Stadium Cups

Written by Jill Morrison
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Imprinted stadium cups are usually ordered for promotional reasons. Stadium cups are simply large plastic cups with logos or text screen printed on the side. They can hold items such as beverages, candy, popcorn, desk supplies, utensils, or party favors. Stadium cups are typically available in 12 oz., 16 oz., 22 oz., and 32 oz. sizes.

Uses for Imprinted Stadium Cups

Imprinted stadium cups are often used as gifts at corporate events. Sometimes they will be filled with products that relate to a particular company, when they are given to guests at a corporate function. They are very cheap to produce when compared with other kinds of promotional drinkware. Stadium cups can be used to develop product awareness and to establish corporate identity because they clearly display company logos.

Imprinted stadium cups are also used at community gatherings, large parties, fairs, reunions, and sporting events. They can be imprinted with graphics or information that relates to the event. For instance, at a high school reunion, stadium cups might have a picture of the school mascot and may have the name of the school and the year of the reunion printed on each cup. In addition to holding beverages, stadium cups can also be used as party favors or to hold small party favors.

Stadium cups are multi-functional and can be used at any event where food and beverages are sold. You may charge extra to fill a stadium cup with a soda, but customers will be more willing to pay for the larger size when they are able to keep the cup afterwards. Stadium cups are also durable and can be used over and over again as drinkware items in homes.

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