Imprinted T Shirts

Written by Jill Morrison
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Imprinted t shirts are most commonly used for promotional reasons or for employee uniforms. They can be used by restaurants, sports teams, alumni groups, camps, or any types of businesses where employees must wear matching clothing. When given out as promotional gifts, companies will be advertised each time their t shirts are worn by others. Imprinted t shirts make great gifts for employees, clients, or potential customers.

There are many reasons why imprinted t shirts can be useful in business. When employees are dressed in the same colors and with identifying logos on their t shirts, they can be found easily by customers. This is appreciated by customers at times when they need to find employees in order to ask questions. Imprinted t shirts are also valuable at camps or for other extracurricular groups where authorities must be distinguished from the participants.

Types of T Shirts Available for Imprinting

Many different types of shirts can be printed with logos, designs, or text. You can also choose to attach logo patches onto shirts, or to use embroidery instead of printing. Most t shirt options are made from 100 percent cotton, or a cotton and polyester blend. Knit, rayon, silk, jersey, denim, and twill are also popular options for custom t shirt materials. Some shirts are made from special fabrics that allow them to be wrinkle free or stain repellent. These materials are more expensive, but are preferable for many different types of professions.

You can choose from nearly any style of t shirt for imprinting. Standard t shirts are typically chosen for promotional giveaways and corporate gifts. For employee uniforms, most companies will choose polo or button down shirts with collars. These styles look more professional than standard t shirts. They are available in long sleeve or short sleeve styles, depending on your preference. Many companies will also choose shirts that can be machine washed and tumble dried for easy and convenient care.

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