Integrated Marketing

Written by Linda Alexander
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Integrated marketing is the way most companies do their marketing these days. If you still have separate departments for advertising, public relations, marketing and sales, you are living in the dark ages. Similarly, if your company has decentralized marketing, where each department does their own promotion, your company is at a huge disadvantage in today's business world.

The reason for integrated marketing is that when everything works together, you have higher success. Having several different departments who don't talk to each other does not send a unified message to your audience. You are also wasting resources by not pooling ideas or having a cohesive unit that is strong and manageable. Unfocused marketing efforts are ineffective and wasteful.

The Importance of Integrated Marketing

Integrating all aspects of marketing into one department ensures that your company's strategic marketing plan is being followed. If each department does their own marketing, it's difficult to measure results. Also, why leave the marketing up to accountants, assistants, and IT people? Marketing should be done by marketers. Accounting should be done by accountants. It just makes sense that way.

In order to unify your message and keep your brand strong, you need to take advantage of integrated marketing. Why should you say one thing in your print ads, and tell the press something different? Or have sales people using one pitch, and your direct mail efforts using another? If you do this, your efforts will be scattered, your messages clear as mud, and your resources diminished on ineffective campaigns. Take my advice, and integrate your marketing as soon as possible.

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