Lobby Displays

Written by Linda Alexander
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For lobby displays to be effective, they have to have a crystal-clear message that's focused on one thing. Choose the core message you want your display to communicate, instead of trying to sell all of your products in the short amount of time you will have people's attention. Having an idea of what you want your display to look like will help your agency to create exactly what you want.

Lobby displays don't have to be expensive or elaborate to be effective. In fact, if you already have some proven print ads or posters, you could enlarge them and use them in your lobby or at a trade show. You already have the artwork done, and it's been proven to work, so why not recycle the message to use in a lobby?

Objects Add Pizzazz to Lobby Displays

Photos and art are not the only things you can use in your lobby displays. Samples of your products, or reproductions of them if they're large, will add eye-catching appeal to your display panels. Similarly, by putting up a tabletop display with different objects, you will also attract attention. Use several different levels on the table for added effect.

Finally, keep text to a minimum. This improves readability and ensures your message will be read. If visitors have to stop to read long text, such as an article, it will slow down foot traffic and block others from viewing your display. Limit text to headlines, captions and a few short blurbs to enhance the artwork, and your displays will be most effective.

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