Logo Caps

Written by Linda Alexander
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One of the best ways to spend your marketing dollars is on logo caps. When integrated in a larger marketing plan, it's easy to convince your prospects and customers to wear your log caps. In fact, many people would be willing to purchase them from you, just to be associated with your company.

Look at sports teams and how fans wear their logos on shirts, jerseys, and caps. Your customers are your fans! When presented as a special gift, logo caps have a high perceived value. They are casual yet tasteful and can be worn anywhere outdoors.

Logo Caps Provide Exposure and Repeat Advertising

By having logo caps imprinted, you are giving your company exposure and visibility while people wearing them are on the baseball field, golf course, or at your company picnic. Giving them something so useful will ensure that your money is going somewhere. With wearables, repeat exposure is almost guaranteed.

Here are some ways to give away your caps: use them as prizes for contests or as "thinking caps" to motivate employees. Reward associates for referring business to you with a hat. Or, include them in gift baskets during the holidays.

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