Logo Mug

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Logo mugs are inexpensive, ideal promotional products. First of all, unlike bottles of water, cookies, or even apparel, logo mugs last just about forever. They will promote your company or product to the world for potentially decades. Mugs are also great promotional solutions, because they promote to both the user, and potentially to the world. If your mug is used by someone at their office, every person who enters the break room will see your mug.

Funky Logo Mugs

Mugs come in a very wide variety of shapes, styles, and sizes. The trick is to print your logo on the coolest, handiest mug you can afford. You know how it works--you have ten mugs at home, but you really only use the one or two that are your favorites. The trick is to promote with mugs that are likely to become those favorites.

This can mean printing your logo on the biggest travel mug available. Or it can mean printing your logo on a funky, futuristic mug that lights up where the heat effects it. Sometimes simple, classic, ceramic mugs becomes favorites, especially when they are large yet light.

You want to promote with logo mugs that look great, too. A lot of times, a person chooses which mug is their favorite based entirely on the look. It's not enough to slap your logo on a plain white mug and call it a day. Work with a promo company with a great design staff. They can help you create a mug that looks as good as it feels.

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