Logo Pens

Written by Linda Alexander
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Logo pens are available in a wide variety of styles. From inexpensive ball points to durable high-quality pen and pencil sets, there is a pen to meet your needs. Pens are useful and practical, and recipients are more likely to keep pens than some other logo items.

If you plan to get your logo pen into the hands of thousands of consumers, consider a regular ball point pen. They are cost effective and people use them every day. When the phone rings and people take messages, they search for pens. Whether it's in someone's home or office doesn't matter; they still reach for something with which to write.

Uses for Logo Pens

So why not use logo pens to your advantage? If you are in a field where writing is important, logo pens have an even greater impact. Give them as gifts along with notepads or logo sticky notes. That will make a greater impact. Or, if you prefer, use a different style of pen according to your theme--highlighters can "highlight" your company's products, for example.

Logo pens are effective at reminding people about your company and products. Each time a person picks up a pen to write something down, he or she will remember your company. Your message is reinforced hundreds of times over the life of the pen you give away.

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