Logo Watch

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Logo watches will remind customers of your company every time they look at their wrists. Logo watches are inexpensive to buy, and will quickly pay for themselves with your increase of business. In business, name recognition and repeat business are everything. Promotional products are among the smartest, least expensive ways to achieve these ends.

Logo Watches and Other Promotional Gifts

You might want to promote your company with logo watches and other promotional products in tandem. For instance, you might want to sell watches, but give away pens. Or you may want to give out gift bags around the holidays with watches, pens, ice scrapers, and t-shirts. Sometimes, giving out a few different gifts at once is better than pacing them out, one at a time.

Make sure you choose a great promotional company to help create your watch. You want a responsive team that take your ideas into account, rather than a cookie cutter firm that doesn't personalize. Look for an open-door policy. If a company encourages you to come into the office in person, or to write or call with questions or ideas, then you can be sure it's a company that is amenable to your input and determined to please.

You'll also want to make sure the company has good prices, and great turnaround times. Look for clear, simple pricing. You'll want to know the bottom line of what the product is going to cost, including shipping, rush orders, etc.

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