Logos On Clocks

Written by James Lyons
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People look at clocks. We can't help it. Even when we have watches, we still look at clocks, especially when conversations get boring. We're obsessed with time. Clocks, in my opinion, are wonderful promotional items. Not only are they visible, but they perform a specific, necessary function. Promotional lollipops don't serve much of a function other than contributing to the national obesity epidemic.

A clock is something your employee or customer can use in her office or home. You client might have a nice antique clock in his living room, but need one for his game room or bonus room. Promotional clocks aren't meant to be center pieces in a person's domicile; they are meant to supplement the more casual parts of a person's house.

The Power of Clocks

Keep that in mind if you have settled on the idea of putting your logo on clocks. With promotional clocks it's wise to go with middle-of-the-road quality. Get your clients or employees clocks that aren't nice enough to put in the living room, but too nice to throw or give away. They will find a place to put it. Ironically, the place they put it might actually be the place where they spend the most time.

This means they're staring at your logo for several hours a day. Do you know how powerful that is? On an individual level, that's far more effective than any ad aired during the Super Bowl. It's more powerful than a front page ad in The New York Times. Clocks are a part of people's lives and your company can gradually become that for other people--an integral part of their lives.

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