Mini Clocks

Written by Jill Morrison
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There are many different types of mini clocks that can be purchased for personal reasons or as gifts. For a clock to be considered "mini," it is usually smaller than mantel clocks, wall clocks, or grandfather clocks. Smaller clocks may include stand-up desk clocks, travel alarm clocks, pocket watches, or wrist watches.

Possibilities for Mini Clocks

Mini clocks can be used in a variety of situations, locations, and for many different reasons. Of course, their main purpose is to reveal the time of day. However, they can provide other benefits such as decoration for a room or office, advertising for a business, or personalization of a gift. You can customize the design of any clock to match a room or to reveal specific information.

Clocks can be placed in a variety of small products. You can have a clock installed in a specific container, in a trophy piece, a display item, or any other item that may be found on a desk. Custom clocks that double as other office items make great gifts for employees, colleagues, managers, clients, or potential customers.

Some mini clocks are designed to rest in one spot, such as on a desk or mantel. Some other clocks are designed to take with you, whether they are worn on your wrist, carried in a bag, or kept in a pocket. Pocket watches are great for individuals who appreciate antique designs and historical timepieces. Wrist watches and travel watches are more modern and practical.

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