Mint Tins

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Mint tins can be imprinted with your logo for a fun, funky promotional item. Mint tins are inexpensive, desirable, good-looking and effective. Unlike certain kinds of prom items, these are genuinely appreciated. A wide variety of tins are available online. If you find one that's cool enough, like the Clik Clak tin, chances are it will be re-used. This is good news for your company, since it means your promotional campaign will last longer than the life of the mints.

Mint Tins and Four Color Processing

If you choose four color processing for your mint tins, expect a great look. Your logo will look nothing short of amazing in four brilliant colors on the small area of a tin. One of the best things about this promo is that it usually ends up looking really impressive. There's something about putting intense colors in such a tiny area that really looks slick and high-quality.

The sheer volume and variety of tins is incredible. You can choose round plastic tins, hinged metal tins, Clik Clak tins, pop top tins, big tins, small tins, and flip top tins. Fill them with cinnamon candies, gum, or mints. You can even choose mints that attach to key chains for fun, portable giveaways.

Choose a promotional company that strives to be the very best. You could go with an online company that pushes a few items, like pens, magnets and t-shirts. Or you could choose a really exceptional company, with a phenomenal catalogue of items. Choose the right company, and you'll be surprised by the imagination of their promo items.

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