Model Searches

Written by Linda Alexander
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Model searches have launched many a supermodel's career. Molly Simms and Niki Taylor are two of the most famous US models who were discovered in searches. Not only does this launch careers, but the model searches themselves are an excellent promotional tool used by the marketers running the search.

Sponsoring a model search will get your name and logo on flyers, banners, posters, and signs. If the search provides advertising, your name will be mentioned there too. Thousands of consumers will see you logo and your name when you are the official sponsor of a model search.

Sponsoring Model Searches

Depending on your level of participation, whether you are sponsoring a luncheon or running the event yourself, there are unlimited advantages. At the event itself, there will be opportunities to provide samples of your product, pass out flyers, or run a contest within the contest to award prizes to your audience. Model searches provide weeks, perhaps even months, of publicity.

Press releases, press conferences, and broadcast commercials are all places where your name will be mentioned. Your company will be seen by hundreds of thousands of people, as will your products and your logo. Model searches are more than just searches for models--they provide enormous exposure for your company and products.

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