Museum Gift Shop Items

Written by Jill Morrison
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Museum gift shop owners will often hire promotional companies to create custom products for their gift shops. These items will typically represent attractions from their museums, such as artists, artwork, historical artifacts, sculptures, or themes. Some museum gift shop items simply have the names of certain museums printed on them and may sometimes have pictures of these museums as well. Basic gift shop products seem to sell the best at most museum gift shops.

Deciding on Museum Gift Shop Items

Many different types of products could be successful as museum gift shop items as long as they are printed with interesting pictures or information. If people are proud to be visiting a well-known museum, they will typically look for items with that particular museum's name printed on them. These products also serve as promotional items because they can help to advertise the names of certain museums. If there are special exhibits that are popular at a particular museum, it is often wise to create products that feature those exhibits on them as well.

Basic gift shop items, such as mugs, magnets, t shirts, card decks, tote bags, and pens tend to sell well in museum gift shops. Some shops will also incorporate items such as shot glasses, license plates, wine glasses, coasters, cork screws, hot plates, paper cubes, and mouse pads as promotional items. Any of these products can help to promote different museums when their names, logos, or exhibit pictures are printed on them.

In order to completely concentrate on promoting a museum, gift shop owners should sell products that can be used on a daily basis. For instance, coffee mugs are a great example because many Americans have coffee every morning. When museum mugs are used each morning, the museum name is effectively advertised each day. Even better, items such as custom pens and pencils can also be used on a daily basis and are frequently used in public places where many people can see them.

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