Name Branding

Written by Linda Alexander
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Name branding is crucial to your business, perhaps as important as your overall marketing strategy. If you are starting a company, or even if you have been in business for several years, examine the name you choose. It should follow certain criteria in order to be memorable to your audiences.

Secrets to Successful Name Branding

First, name branding involves telling people what your business does. If it's not apparent, it won't work. Make it able to be expanded also, so that if your business grows and you decide to venture into other fields, you are not stuck with a name that says you are only one thing.

Second, avoid picking names that are difficult to spell or pronounce when name branding. Sure people will notice them, but if they can't say it or spell it, they will not remember your name. It might help to see it in print or for you to practice saying it as if you were a consumer who just heard it for the first time.

Control your creativity when choosing a business name. If you get too creative, the name you pick may be puzzling. Muddled sounds, meaningless words, and too-obvious names will turn your customers off. Your name should also fit with your logo and the look and feel of your other marketing materials. Before you decide on a name, test it out with different print and web designs.

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