Online Games

Written by Linda Alexander
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There is no hotter way to generate buzz right now than by hosting online games. By running a contest or sweepstakes, you can generate publicity for your website, announce the results in the media, and get more publicity! Since people will have to visit your site to enter the contest, you will see a spike in traffic and sales.

Online games can also reward your loyal customers. By giving them a way to interact with your website and to win products, you are giving them motivation to remain loyal. Then, by drawing attention to your products, customers will automatically generate buzz about your company and its products and services, as well as the online games themselves.

What Types of Online Games Should You Host?

Instant win games are perhaps the most popular, and are certainly effective at driving sales. They will generate a lot of excitement about your product, consumers remember them more than other games, and they come with a great amount of viral marketing influence. A good web developer will help you add one to your website.

You could go with a simpler, lower-tech concept also. A trivia game or scavenger hunt, where the answers are already on your will allow your visitors to become more familiar with your products. As they search for the answers, they are likely to see something they want--and purchase it. All in all, running games online will draw attention to your company, foster community and healthy competition among your visitors, and drive traffic and sales to your site.

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