On Pack Promotions

Written by Linda Alexander
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Marketers can have the best success with on pack promotions when they create a "contest website" to go along with the promotion. Having a promotion attached to your product, as a coupon, a free gift, or complementary product is only one piece of the puzzle. Further reward purchasers by taking them to a website made exclusively for the promotion.

In the past, on pack promotions were used only to deliver extra sales with an incentive such as a free razor with a can of shaving cream, or a toy in children's cereal. Now, you can use that same concept, but get more out of it. Direct your customers to a contest website and you can reward them with freebies, coupons, or cross promotional offers.

Getting More from on Pack Promotions

Getting more mileage out of your on pack promotions this way is cost effective too. It will bring in larger profits, and save you from having to print and distribute expensive entry forms for your contest. It easily allows you to collect marketing data from participants--once on the site, they can fill out an online entry form or survey, or sign up for your newsletter or opt in email list.

Websites like these are also allow for real time changes; you can get results of your campaign immediately and make quick changes to the site as needed. It also saves labor as the data goes straight into a database, eliminating the need for handling paper forms and data entry. With these benefits, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose. For your next on pack promotion, consider taking it further than the package.

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