In Pack Promotions

Written by Linda Alexander
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In pack promotions offer many benefits to both marketers and consumers. Gone are the gimmicks; today's smarter consumers aren't going to buy something for nothing. But when you offer a value-added promotion to your product, it can revitalize your brand overall.

The Value of in Pack Promotions

With in pack promotions, you don't have to change the packaging or the distribution systems. You simply add a gift or coupon to the product. You can encourage multiple purchases by having consumers collect a number of different promotions. It also gets attention in the store, increasing your point of sale purchases.

Creating in pack promotions does require some planning, though. Be sure to start your planning early as lead time is crucial. If you need help with ideas, consider outsourcing the project to an agency experienced with this type of promotion. Otherwise, brainstorm ideas with the staff you have, and find vendors and suppliers that specialize in in pack programs.

Finally, before you roll out your promotion, remember to test it, or do a small launch in a test market. After launching the program, be sure to analyze your results! If you are able to monitor them as you go along, do so, then you can make changes as necessary. Finally, learn from the campaign and use this knowledge to develop your next campaign.

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